First official track from Groove Savor !!!

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Hey guys !

Today I'm very glad to present you something I've been waiting for so long. This is my first official track which is a remix for the tune Freak-Fu Go For It. Just released on the Funky House label Bleenchic Records, this production from Freak-Fu got several awesome remixes with the versions of Soulfunky, Muza Yakuza and of course my own remix :-)

Don't hesitate to leave your comments and to support my work by buying the track if you like it. Just click on the above player to listen to a sample of it and to access the page of

Thanks to everyone who helped and encouraged me to achieve this goal ! Other projects are of course on the way and this good news gives me a lot of motivation to share my passion with other people and give the best of myself in the future.

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