Groove Savor @ the 4Disco Records Radio Show (October 2011)

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Here is the latest mix from Groove Savor ! One hour of Funky House Music  for the 4Disco Records radio show broadcasted on, Germany's number one in House Music.


This show was hosted by SKingz.


Listen and download it here :


Groove Savor @ the 4DISCO Records Radio Show on mth-House (October 2011) by Groove Savor



Tracklist :

01 DJ R.E.D. - 4DISCO Records radio Intro
02. Klique - I Can't Shake This Feeling (Over The Top Edit)
03. Geisha Twins - Love Situation (Joey Chicago Can't Control Remix)
04. DJ EQ - Sunset BLVD (SKingz Oh Girl Remix)
05. Galactik Knights - Escape
06. Alex Kenji & Federico Scavo - Just 4 You (Original Mix)
07. Erick Dere - Keep On Movin' (Original Mix)
08. Sébastien Léger Presents Impossible à Cerner - Flaming Youth
09. Earl Da Grey - Blend 909 (Fierce City Whoaa Remix)
10. Jonni Black Feat. Sandy Huff - It's Your Life (Original Mix)
11. Frenssu - Lady Love
12. La Zebra - Piano Dancin' (Original Mix)
13. Swivel Hips - Milano
14. Sean Biddle - Fine Times (SKingz Remix)
15. Stargazer - Feel Good (Club Mix)

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